The New Liberal Arts

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Anh Pham
English 101
“The New Liberal Arts” is an article written by Sanford J. Ungar, who is a president of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. In the beginning of his article, Ungar wrote, “Hard economic times inevitably bring scrutiny of all accepted ideals and institutions, and this time around the liberal arts education has been especially hard hit.” In other words, Ungar means that recent economic recessions have made a huge impact on what people think of going for a liberal arts degree. In his essay, Ungar lists seven misperceptions and how he reacts to them. The most common misperception that Ungar identified is that liberal arts degrees are no longer affordable. The cost for liberal arts education is very expensive while
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Therefore, people who say liberal arts are unaffordable and not as realistic as career education is a fact and a matter of choice that they make because of their family background or financial situation, not because they are not equip with the right ways of thinking.
Second, Urgan complicates the matter further when he writes, “One should not, in this day and age, study only the arts. The STEM fields-- science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-- are where the action is,” as another misperception. In other words, he means that people may think liberal arts is all about arts, and science, technology, engineering and mathematics are very critical for one’s success in present. I found the first part not very agreeable while the second part of this “misperception” is today’s popular facts. On one hand, I think Urgan make this argument because he overlooks that people do know what are taught in liberal arts colleges, but students chose not to attend one because they think it may be impractical for them or maybe they are uninterested. On the other hand, the STEM fields are becoming very important nowadays. Students are taught those subjects in their elementary, junior high, high school and later on in college, which is the right time to deepen their knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


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