Should we drill for oil in Alaska's wilderness?

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Should we drill for oil in Alaska’s Wilderness?

The world, as we know it, is in the midst of having an oil crisis. Our nation starves and bends at the will of this dreadful calamity. Our deprivation for this atrocious corruption has led us to look for oil deposits in the Alaskan Wilderness. The US needs oil and by drilling for oil on our own land, we would help our economy, but in doing so would destroy the beauty of the wilderness and harm many others. The matter on hand is that should we drill for oil in Alaska’s wilderness? My opinion and answer to this question would simply be no. The United States of America should not drill for oil in the Alaskan wilderness. I hold strongly to this belief for I am someone who does not tempt to
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The fragile tundra would turn into an industrial zone with pipes and roads that would stretch across the refuge, disturbing the wildlife. We have have to clear the environment to form roads, pipes, and oil rigs. The refuge is supposed to remain a pristine refuge for wildlife, not an industrial zone. The oil deposits are “spread across the coastal plain in more than 30 small deposits, which would require vast networks of roads and pipelines that would fragment the habitat disturbing and displacing wildlife.” (Document E) If we wish to preserve the small amount of true wilderness we have left on this world, we would not drill for oil in the Alaskan Nation Wildlife Refuge. In conclusion, I hold a firm grasp on the belief that we should not drill for oil in the Alaskan Wilderness. It would not help us economically for its effect is too small for the consequences that would follow. It could potentially anger the indigenous people of the land and ruin their traditional way of life. Not only that but it would turn the refuge into a sprawling industrial zone, disturbing, harming, and displacing the wildlife. The only way for the US to satisfy our starvation and deprivation for fuel and oil is to spend that money that we were going to use to drill on researching and developing, safer, cleaner, and better


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