The Counterculture

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The Impact of the Hippie Counterculture of the 1960s

The “hippies” of the 1960s had many effects on the American society. The visual appearance and lifestyle of the hippies were in sharp contrast to the conservative nature of the older generation, which defined them as a counterculture. The hippie lifestyle was based on free love, rock music, shared property, and drug experimentation. They introduced a new perspective on drugs, freedom of expression, appearance, music, attitudes toward work, and held a much more liberal political view than mainstream society. One of the main effects that the hippies made is the appearance of the American society. The hippies wore bell bottom jeans and bright colored shirts usually tie-dyed.
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The failure of the hippie communes was due to a lack of organization. Hippies resented society for oppressing people with rules. Therefore, the hippie counterculture made no rules and little or no work was completed. This caused the communes to fall apart.
The hippies were involved in many different political movements in the 1960s. The peace movement was their main focus. The hippie anti-war protestors usually had liberal views and participated in peace marches. Some of hippies burned their draft cards during anti-Vietnam War demonstrations. Many of the hippies were anti-war because they were of age to be drafted into the Vietnam War. Besides the anti-war movement the hippies were also apart of the Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s Movement. Hippies believed in equality and freedom for all people. That message fit into the Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Movement.
The hippie counterculture of the 1960s had low to moderate impact on the American society at the time. However, they had a lasting impact on a society that tended to be resistant to change. Even though the hippies lacked organization, they called attention to some important issues that mainstream society may not have fully considered. . These issues included the Vietnam War, Civil Rights and Women’s rights. Once society got past the extreme behavior and appearance of the hippie counterculture, they thought about the views that


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