The Men We Carry in Our Minds Analysis

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An Analysis of “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”

Alex Pinto

British Columbia Institute of Technology

LIBS 7001

January 29, 2012


In the essay, “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”, Scott Russell Sanders discusses his perspective on men in comparison to the impression that women carry in their minds. Sanders uses a unique way of writing through narration and life experiences to truly illustrate his point that the impressions of men or women are based on ones own life experiences. As a young boy knowing only of the hardships of workingmen, Sanders later experiences drastic social differences when he receives a scholarship to attend a university “meant for the children of the
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His use of parallelism and repeated key words depicts his slow understanding of the “deep grievances of women”(para.7 - 8). Sanders later explains that once he learned about “how often women suffered from men’s bullying”(para. 8) he realized how women can suffer at home. This transition and comparison presents the audience with an opportunity to observe and be aware of the feminist perspective. Although he sympathizes with the women, he concludes his position by implying he would prefer being in a woman’s position. “To choose between tending a baby and tending a machine, I think I would have chosen the baby.” (para. 8)

After analyzing this essay, I believe that Sanders’ overall organization of personal observations and comparisons of both men and women are effective. He summarizes his personal experiences of a man’s hardships at the beginning and concluded his essay with a climatic final question that prompts the reader to think further on the topic (para. 11). Since he doesn’t suggest any answers, Sanders’ intent is to persuade the audience into coming up with their own conclusions and seeing his point of view. The effectiveness of using personal experiences and comparisons reveals that Sanders is in no way trying to promote his position. He wanted to stress both sides of the story and make sure that no man or women was basing their impressions on ones own life experiences.


Sanders, S. R. (2010). The men we carry in our minds. In J.


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