HRM 531 Recruitment and Selection Stratagies

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June 27, 2014

Landslide Limousine has given us the opportunity to help them develop their recruitment and selection strategies. Recruiting and selecting the right candidate can be a very overwhelming process. In this document I have put together a series of recommendation that I believe will help the process become a lot less stressful. My recommendation will cover the following areas
• Organizational goals
• Forecasted demographic changes
• Workforce diversity objectives
• Organizational branding
• Methods for recruiting Candidates
• Methods for screening Candidates
• Methods for selecting Candidates

Organizational Goals As specified in the past by Mr. Bradley Stonefield goals for his limousine business is as followed he
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Lastly recommendations under this method of external recruitment, applicants are introduced by friends and relatives. I must advise that utilizing this method can be tedious, and stressful, but one of the least expensive method of external recruiting.

Methods for screening Candidates Screening a potential candidate for a position can be performed using varies methods. My recommendation for Landslide Limousine is to used a 3-step process. first step is to review the resumes. When looking at the resumes, keep a close eye on skills such as education and relevant experience that closely match the requirements of the position. Review their last three to five years of job duties and compare these with the job description. Pay close attention to long gaps in employment and job hopping. By performing this first step you will be able to quick eliminate candidates that do not meet the companies expectations. Once you have reviewed all the resumes, screen the candidates by phone. The phone interview serves two purposes it verifies the candidate is active and available and It helps you learn about the candidate’s verbal communication skills and ability to answer interview questions. This is especially important information for jobs that require advanced customer service skills such as limousine drivers and sales representatives. Final step is once you have completed the phone interviews, you