Managing Information

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With nearly 40 years’ experience has seen the industry change many times, and has always kept itself at the forefront of that change.
Its reputation is a source of pride for all who work here, and it’s something we’re keen to preserve and develop the only way possible: through satisfying our clients. We have developed into a leading multidisciplinary contractor offering a truly comprehensive, integrated service to clients in development, construction, energy and many other sectors. (See appendix 1 for Organisational chart’s of company)
My job role within the organisation is quiet a varied one in that my day to day activities are never quite the same, but to summarise my main duties include submitting monthly
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As part of the IMS there are procedures in place (listed below), but neither allows for the manner and information to be transferred to site. To summarise from the information that is transferred needs to be clear, simple and set out in the way in which the site supervisor understands what is required in order to ensure the project is successful.
Place for Enquiry, tender and contract review
Project Delivery
As a brief understanding in reference to specifically the Demolition Department we have an estimating director who will visit the sites which require pricing and produce a cost book document which is passed to the demolition director and managing director for comment before submitting what they believe to be our most competitive tender and or bid.
If we are lucky enough to be successful in winning that specific job the cost book along with the tender information will be passed to the relevant contracts manager and quantity surveyor in order to generate a budget / target sheet and an extent of works sheet. This is when the middle managers have the opportunity to raise any queries regarding the job with the estimating director or the demolition director on what exactly has been allowed and priced for.
The next step in the current process is for the tender information to be copied and a site


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