Ethnic Notions: Film Response

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Ethnic Notions: Film Response The 1987 film documentary Ethnic Notions directed by Marlon Riggs, identifies the evolution of African American cultural depictions through ethnic stereotypes and caricatures in American culture. I feel Ethnic Notions exposes the roots of false generalization from the beginning and presents a series of classifications for racial depictions that still are noticeable in today's society. These racial depictions identified with in this film begin in the mid 1800's and continue thought to the 1960's. I now after viewing Ethnic notions agree that there are generalizations and depictions that are exaggerated in American popular culture and entertainment. Ethnic Notions properly documents racial stereotypes though …show more content…
These depictions are evident still today. Although there are other depictions these are six a best defined with in the film as the major stereotypes. I agree with a majority of the views projected in ethnic notions, I agree with the major classifications of ethnic depictions. I feel and believe that when excluding and focusing on a selected race for entertainment purposes of a selected society forms exaggerated images. These exaggerated images are projected through a mass population of the opposite race. This then forms false generalizations leading to segregation and potentially in some minds racism . These depictions and these caricatures are formed thought the entertainment and are sucked in to popular culture. Through films, poems, books, songs, forms of dance, and other forms of popular culture these depictions are graciously accepted by the selected society. More importantly this skewed and exaggerated image or images produced enjoyment for the consumers in the selected society and exclude the opposite race. If exaggerated depictions and images, wether it a television persona or the shape of a maple syrup bottle, are successful and popular they result in revue. This leads to a demand for more similar depictions and images, resulting In the growth of this skewed view of race. Still today you can notice these stereotypes, depictions, and generalizations with in Hollywood movies,


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