Collaborative Marketing Plan

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Collaborative Marketing Plan
Sony Corporation
Group 3

Collaborative Marketing Plan
Sony Corporation

Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Company Description 2 3. Strategic Focus and Plan 3 Mission Goals Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage 4. Situation Analysis 5 SWOT Analysis Industry Analysis Competitor Analysis Company Analysis Customer Analysis 5. Market-Product Focus 10 Marketing and Product Objectives Target Markets Points of Difference Positioning 6. Marketing Program 11 Product Strategy Price Strategy Promotion Strategy Place Strategy 7. Financial Data and Projections 16 Past Sales Revenue Five-Year Projections

1. Executive Summary
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Sony believes that the new direction will accelerate and elevate the company’s position in the AV/IT industry ahead of its competition.
Company Goals
As a company, we have both financial and non-financial goals. Quite simply put, financially, our goal is growth. The last fiscal year, ending March 2012 reflected hard hits, but true innovation is the key. We strive to not only grow our company, but the electronics business as well. We want our innovation to inspire the world around us that is how we can meet our goals. It is integration and entertainment that we want to use to inspire. We want our growth to be just that, but also strength. We aim for sales of 8.5 trillion yen, an operating margin in excess of 5% and a return on equity (ROE) of 10% in fiscal year 2014. We want to improve for the world around us with our groundbreaking products and uniquely cutting edge technologies, of course, but this is not where we wish to stop extending our hand. The technological advancements we aspire to will also come with the implementation of corporate social responsibility. We want to responsible with the environment and to improve society through targeted initiatives. We aim to value the product as well as people in our world in


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