The Importance of Ethical Management

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The Importance of Ethical Management Managing an organization is not an easy task. Along the road, managers may encounter various issues and therefore have to make difficult decisions while trying to stay a trusted organization. In many managerial situations, maintaining proper ethics in an organization can be considered complicated, yet it is essential not only to avoid legal violations, but also to maintain a reputable business and working environment. I plan to discuss the various hurdles and options that managers may face while leading an ethical company in the business world. In order for managers to succeed and make it in an organization, they must follow the four rules of ethics: the utilitarian rule, the moral rights …show more content…
With this come the many issues faced when managing minorities in an organization.
Socially and legally, discriminating current and potential employees is unacceptable. Workers of different races, ages, genders, religions, sexual orientation, ethnicities and disabilities should be treated equally. Managers who give all of their employees a fair treatment are greatly rewarded due to the fact that diversity “is an important organizational resource that can help an organizations gain a competitive advantage” (Jones & George, 2007, P. 109). Many laws have been created to assure the equal employment opportunities for people who are considered to be diverse. Acts like Equal Pay Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Civil Rights Act, and Affirmative Action are some of the various laws that are enforced in today’s society. As are some of the various laws that are enforced in today’s society. As a manager, it is crucial to obey the laws at all time and at the same time to take full advantage of the overall benefits that it holds to do so. Ethically, these decisions with employees’ should be a moral choice, but unfortunately they need to be made into civil laws to guarantee that they will always be followed. Managing diversity does not stop with the employees of a company; its consumers should also be respected and treated the same. For example, if a person who is a minority is treated unfairly and insulted in a store because


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