Organizing Functions of Management

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Organizing Functions of Management
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August 27, 2005 Organizing Functions of Management

The management process is composed of four functions, all of which are needed to have a successful Management Process. Organizing however is the second of the four functions. Organizing, grouped with planning, provides managers with control of all organizational aspects, the organizing function is said to be the most frustrating one. Collecting and arranging the financial, physical, informational, the human and other resources needed to reach goals, is what organizing consists of. Organizing activities include attracting people to the corporation, identifying job responsibilities, grouping jobs into work
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Procedures on the other hand, outline specific operational protocol and describe detailed responses to incidents or events. The Department of Juvenile Justice has organized a program activity schedule. The facility director implements a written daily schedule. The daily schedule is written in a clear, precise manner that is easy for staff to follow as well as the youth to read and understand. It is then posted in areas that are accessible to the youth. By policy, Juvenile Justice secure facilities must provide 14 hours of out-of-room daily activities. These activities have been designed to provide each youth with opportunities to mature physically, socially, and mentally through exposure to competition, peer influence, and leadership. The schedule arranges for all daily living activities such as meals, recreation, showers, and housekeeping, including seven hours of continuous sleeping. In order to regain control of a situation deemed an emergency, there have been emergency plans set in place to outline emergency response requirements. There are several different plans within the emergency plan book. Within the emergency binder are plans that address some of the following areas: evacuation, riots, fires, bomb threats, and loss of power. Each emergency plan has been organized to address the following, type of emergencies, staff responsibilities, step by step procedures, notification, and the equipment needed. In the event of an emergency,


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