Paper on Aristotle and Relationships at Work

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Name: Yuanwen Yang
Instructor: Marvin Brown
Course: Ethics: Business issues
Date: 09/20/2012

Paper on Aristotle and Relationships at Work Aristotle is known as one of outstanding thinkers revealing the ideas of eternal wisdom to humanity. No wonder that his ethical ideas on civic relationships still find their reflection in modern-day conceptions of successful life. In the following paper, Aristotle’s ethical findings on the best way of living described in his work “Nicomachean Ethics” will be compared to the findings by modern-day ethical specialists. Overall, evaluating Aristotle’s ethical postulates and the concepts of the best places to work by the Best Places to Work Institute, it appears that there are a lot in common in
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5). Mutual trust at an enterprise is an important variable making team work in it effective. Team work efficiency largely depends on its leader. The central idea behind a successful leader is in being able to motivate others to achieve definite goals beneficial for the whole group. A successful leader at an enterprise is one of the most important conditions for the formation of a productive atmosphere. It is very important for the person to be proud of what he or she is doing at the workplace. Such pride is virtue that will help an employee achieve more in one’s work. Surveys regularly held the Best Places to Work Institute indicate that more than 84% of respondents state that healthy feeling of pride about what they do is one of the most important features of the best place to work for them. In addition, according to regular surveys held by the Best Places to Work Institute, the performance of employees at an enterprise directly depends on how satisfied they are with what they do, and how proud they are that they may participate in fulfilling their professional obligations. One more important trait of the best place to work is a workplace culture. The following comment by the Best Places to Work Institute explains how significant for an enterprise it is to have good traditions of a workplace culture: 30 years of research, in over 40 countries around the world, has shown us time and again that


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