The Moral Principles of Premarital Sex

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The Moral Principles of Premarital Sex
English 2
Katherine Fitch
Madison College

Author Note
This paper was prepared for English 2, taught by Mary Sarko.
Over many years, the views of premarital sex have been becoming increasingly more tolerant. The whole reasoning behind why sex was created is lost in the minds of society and used for pleasure and own physical satisfaction. There are negative consequences for these actions leading to guilt, depression, and numbness to intimate relationships. Having strong parental influence can also strongly affect the outcomes of adolescence and causal sex. Additionally, marriage can be
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They claim premarital sex was viewed as harmful in the earlier century because it would cause the physical intimacy in a marriage to become less noteworthy and respect for marriage would decrease. In the 1920’s and 1950’s, studies were conducted and what was concluded was that marriages between husband and wife were experiencing a higher amount of satisfaction and happiness in their marriage than those who with at least one spouse who had casual sex before marriage (1991). It is found that women and men, who have a
THE MORAL PRINCIPLES OF PREMARTIAL SEX relationship consisting of sex before marriage, have an increase in marital disruption. The cause of this is related to premarital cohabitation. Teachman (2003) suggests, “As is the case for premarital cohabitation, that the relationship may be due to either selectivity on preexisting characteristics or altered perceptions of marriage and alternatives to marriage that occur as the result of engaging in premarital sex.” Because of premarital cohabitation, it may skew someone’s view of marriage leading to disorder in a marriage. Teachman (2003) also states that having more than one premarital sexual partner, it may create a decrease in commitment or a permanent or long lasting relationship with an individual. It may also weaken the bond between husband and wife by increasing awareness of alternatives to one’s marital partner as a source of full satisfaction and physical intimacy. Again, premarital sex can


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