dinner with docter azad

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- The text takes place in Brick Lane, London
- It is a working class area, kind of a ghetto, and probably one of the poorest areas in London.
- It is Dr. Azad, the tattoo lady, Chanu (dad), Nazneen (mum)

- Nazneen is about 35 years old, she is shy and quiet. She is being suppressed by her husband and it comes to expression when he keeps interrupting her when she speaks.
- She doesn’t think that she is allowed to sit at the table before she has served the dinner, when Dr. Azad visits them.
- She is brought up to be quiet when men speaks and that means that she can’t tell anyone how she feels and what she wants if she is not being asked.
- She is Chanus’ personal housekeeper. He expects her to cook, clean and wash
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He do not like it, it is fore extreme racists
It is a party that is at the belief that holocaust never happened, and that white people are the only right people.

Dr. Azad

-Dr. Azad, who is Chanus’ doctor, is a very religious and well educated man.
- He is well expressed and polite.
- He is very strict about the Qur’an, especially when it comes to young Muslims boozing. He is wise and a person you must respect.

Issues in the text
The text is dealing with following issues

How to treat a woman
A woman’s duties/tasks compared to the mans

How to be equal in a family
To help each to get a good daily routine
To feel relaxed with each other
To respect others needs and thoughts

To appreciate what other people do for you
To appreciate what you have got

The message
- Monica Ali wants to show us some cultural differences and give us an insight into the Paki culture. She is dealing whit cultural issues like equality in families and women rights.
- She brings up examples of immigration in the family.
- Chanu is trying to immigrate by his job but because of the culture Nazneen doesn’t