Ache vs Ama Code of Ethics

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ACHE v. AMA Codes of Ethics

ACHE v. AMA Codes of Ethics The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Code of Ethics is a list of principles set forth to guide healthcare executives in their daily practice. The Code of Ethics clearly defines the behavior and performance standards required by those performing the duties of healthcare executives. The ACHE Code of Ethics is designed in a way that clearly directs healthcare executives in their interactions with patients, employees, and the community. The ACHE Code of Ethics also clearly defines the responsibilities of the healthcare executive to the profession of healthcare management and also the responsibilities of the healthcare executive to the organization, as well as the
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One of the most obvious similarities between the two codes of ethics is that providers following each code of ethics are to provide competent care that respects the rights of the patients being served. Both codes of ethics also highlight the importance for provides to respect and uphold the laws related to patient care, as well as advocating for changes when they are needed to better serve patients. Another similarity between the two ethical codes is the distinct responsibility to report unethical behavior/fraud that is known to be occurring. Continuing education is another similarity that both ethical codes share. Further education is necessary for all healthcare professionals due to the ever changing healthcare field and the ethical codes highlight the importance of career-long learning and studies. Related to continuing education, both ethical codes highlight the importance of healthcare professionals participating in community service and contributing to the improvement of public health and quality healthcare. One of the most important similarities between the two ethical codes is the provision highlighting the importance of working to support healthcare services for all people. Professionalism is also noted in both ethical codes. Healthcare professionals must uphold standards of professional care and strive to be professional in every


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