Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

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Assignment: Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

Instructor: Prof. JOHN KELL
Introduction to Business BUS 100

Suleyman Sal Denden
March 16, 2014

Describe key areas of the selected company’s code of conduct that are of significant importance to the business, and explain why.

The first question we should ask ourselves “what is ethics?” I think ethics are a collection of principles and practices that a business believes in, statements and more specific policies about conduct to give employees, partners, vendors, and outsiders an idea of what the corporation stands for and how it’s staff should
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Explain the key steps that the company should take to ensure that employees follow the code of conduct. There are some key steps that a company can take in order to ensure the employees follow the code of conduct.
1-The Cheesecake Factory should have a “compliance department” that handles all disputes and investigations regarding violations of the code of conduct. This specific department at Cheesecake Factory should have designated employees that govern the entire company’s employees and handle any issues that arise. 2-The Cheesecake Factory can take to ensure the employees follow the code of conduct is to have each employee sign and date, the code of conduct when they hired and give it to the employee a copy and keep another copy in the employee files. This makes it possible for the employee and the company to be on the same page from the beginning of the working relationship. This process can repeat every year for the existing employees to follow the code of conduct.
3-The Cheesecake Factory can take to ensure the employees follow the code of conduct is complete mandatory “ Business ethics” training videos for new and existing employees every year. These videos make sure reminder of all employees’ business ethics and code of conduct.

3. Suggest three (3) ways in which the restaurant can engage in socially responsive activities in the community within which it


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