Integrating Professional Logistics Experience

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BSc (Hons) Logistics Management

Integrating Professional Logistics Experience

Management of the Joint Deployed Inventory (MJDI) –
Project Management: Failing the End User

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Table of Contents
Introduction 3 Background 3
What is MJDI? 4
The Management Flaws 4

Project Failures Affecting the End User 5 Identifying Stakeholders 5 Work Breakdown Structure 8 Communication 10 Risk Management 12

Conclusion 15 References 17 Reflective Log 18


A project is defined by A Lester
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It is suggested from the outset of this project, that the Project Manager - DE&S - did not fully identify all the project stakeholders; only close to the rollout of the system did they identify and integrate the majority of grassroots stakeholders. As a result, the grassroots stakeholders had less time and opportunity to make key contributions to the project before its launch. Only in last two years did the majority of grassroots stakeholders became involved (See Fig 1.0), which produced many oversights. An example of this was failure to create a road path for unit migration; this would have helped end users to understand how, why and when they would be undertaking their journey, giving them a broader understanding and enable them to plan more effectively.

Fig 1.0. MJDI Stakeholder Context Diagram
Source: ACDS LOG OPS/6/4

Formation HQs had little knowledge of the project, and were not involved in key milestones or the decision-making process. This meant they were unable to access and exploit the new system in order to prepare and inform themselves. When units subsequently requested assistance from Formation HQs, the advice they received was slow at best and unhelpful at worst. The impact of this was that end users tended to ignore the advice and use their own intuition, so failing to manage material using the business processes as


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