The Ghost Map

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In the summer of 1854, London was coming out as one of the most modern cities in the world. With nearly 2.4 million people living in the area at the time, the city’s infrastructure itself was having a hard time providing for the basic needs of its residents. The biggest problem existing within the city at that time was its waste removal system, or for better terms, its lack of one. Human waste was piling up everywhere, from people houses to the rivers and drinking water. This situation was the perfect breeding conditions for a number of diseases, and towards the end of that summer, one of the most deadly of them all took over. It took the work of both a physician and a local minister in order to discover the mysterious cause of the …show more content…

The epidemic of London affects a great deal of how cities are built today. First of all, buildings all have sewer systems that flush the waste out instead of leaving it to pile up in homes, basements, and the streets. With all of this filth out of the way and especially out of our water, people can live much healthier lives. Also, cities are also built with running water going into people’s houses, as opposed to there being a central water source which individuals must go and transport water from.
I totally agree with Johnson’s statement that technology and globalization has dramatically affected our city centers. Technology affects everything for one. With technology, buildings can have indoor plumbing, electricity, and take even more safety precautions for their patrons than they ever could in the past. Also, the use of technology and globalization allows people from all over share ideas for the greater good. With this information, engineers can build massive skyscrapers, business associates can hold a meeting and see each other without physically being in the same room. This has for sure changed our cities architecturally, but socially it has also had a major effect. With the use of technology people do not usually come in contact with each other as they used to which can bring communicable disease rates down, also people tend to take these advances for granted. When people go to London today, they do not see a city that a hundred years ago was rank with


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