Unit 11 Health and Social Care P5

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Unit 11
Outline working strategies and procedures to reduce the risk of abuse

Multi agency working
This is where professionals from multiple agencies meet together to work towards the best possible care of an individual.
They will combine their skills and do a single assessment to assess needs of the client, as opposed to each professional doing an individual assessment.
Working in partnerships with adults using services
This is where encouragement for the use of services helps to gain trust between professionals and clients or their families. By ensuring of policies and working routines, then the cared for individual can feel more confident that they will be able to flag up any concerns, worries or comments. It promotes a
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It also means that a complaints procedure will exist, so that people who believe there is a problem with care given can be challenged fairly, whilst people are protected from any possible ill-consequences of complaint. This also means that whenever a new policy is enacted, that appropriate staff training will be undertaken and explained. It ensures that staff are well aware of any consequences as a result of abusing.
Decision making forums
This ensures that the decision making process is kept clear and does not remain secretive. It gives individuals the chance to be an active member in the decisions that affect their care or their lives. They can be supported to make the best decision that will best affect them. It gives an opportunity for opinions and views on it to be explained, alongside with any procedures or guidelines that may be in effect as a part of the decision.
This is where a member of an organisation informs members an employer or a regulatory body of ill-practice within the organisation that they work in. They will be protected by the Public Interest Disclosure act, meaning that they will be appropriately protected from any suffering that may be caused by an individual raising awareness, such as dismissal or bullying.
Effective relationship building
This means that relationships between service users and professionals are kept appropriate and the duty of care remains the main


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