Target Organizational Structure

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Target Structure
Sierra Phelps
March 10, 2014
George DeMetropolis

Target Structure
“Expect more, pay less” this slogan is known throughout the United States that links amazing service and quality products at a great price from one convenient location, Target. Target has a long history of providing a wide variety of products from fashionable clothing for all members of the family to your everyday essential needs such as toiletries and cleaning supplies. Behind every wildly successful corporation is a strong organizational structure. Target has an extensive organizational structure that helps them provide the amazing products they do at even better prices.

Target’s organizational structure is a functional
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After looking at the organizational structure of Target and the importance it holds to providing great guest service and a fast, fun and friendly place to work it is clear why target is managed the way it is. Their organizational structure puts a very strong importance on HR throughout all of the different levels. Target has HR managers at every level of the management chain. This is so important in order to keep Target a fast, fun and friendly vibe alive. They are constantly checking in to see how their team members feel about their jobs and what they can do as a company to improve them. Target is also focused on recognition and ensuring their team members feel appreciated for what they do. They have daily huddles, recognition cards that they can write for one another and then post them so all can read. This type of culture is what makes Target a great company to work for.

Besides being great to their employees Target puts an even stronger focus on being guest friendly. This is what sets them apart from other major retail stores. They not only offer the convince of being able to get all of the quality products you need in one place at a great price you can find a team member at all times to help you understand a product, find what you are looking for and help you make a decision between two different items. Through their history Target has always made guest service the focus of their business.

Their slogan “Can I Help


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