Non-Profit Analysis Project

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Non-Profit Analysis Project
Michele Holt
Liberty University
BUSI 602-B02: Non-Profit Management
Professor Dr. Marjorie Carlson Hurst
July 6, 2012

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Non-Profit Management, Section BUSI 602, taught by Professor Dr. Marjorie Carlson Hurst.
The roots of America’s nonprofit, steam from the ancient traditions of charity, philanthropy, and voluntarism (Worth, 2012, p. 19). Charity can be defined as giving intended to meet current individual human needs or to alleviate current human suffering (Worth, 2012, p. 20). Volunteerism is defined as a very active process that requires active involvement with either the beneficiaries directly or an organization or group that serves a
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Ultimately it is their decisions and actions that will reflect the goals and mission of the organization.
Section 2
1. Celebrating Life Foundation
May 3, 1995 the Celebrating Life Foundation (CLF) was established. CLF is one of the leading foundations in the nation that promote breast cancer awareness specifically targeting African American women and women of color (Celebrating Life Foundation, n.d.). The Celebrating Life Foundation is an IRS certified 501©3 non-profit organization, and contributions are tax deductible (Celebrating Life Foundation, n.d.). The CLF has initiated and participated in seminars, workshops, forums, health fairs, other programs, and activities related to breast cancer awareness and education both locally and nationally (Celebrating Life Foundation, n.d.). The organization has also worked with major corporations across the country, assisting breast health education projects in the Virgin Islands, Africa, and the Netherlands (Celebrating Life Foundation, n.d.).
Sylvia Dunnavant is the founder of the Celebrating Life Foundation, under her leadership the organization has developed and distributed over a million breast self-exam cards to churches and civic organization across the country (Celebrating Life Foundation, n.d.). “She has received citations from the state of Wisconsin for her journalistic


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