Factors Affecting Project Implementation Amongst Non Governmental Organizations in Kenya

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Ms. Cornel Ragen


April 2013 ABSTRACT This study seeks to address the factors affecting project implementation in an organization with a focus on a non-governmental organisation. The process of project implementation, involving the successful development and introduction of projects in the organization, presents an ongoing challenge for managers. The study notes that there are many nongovernmental organizations that run similar programmes and this makes it difficult to realize the full intensions of a given project. The objectives of the study are; to establish the effect of resources management,
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Various typologies have been suggested as useful means of describing differences in culture between organizations. Harrison (2007) suggests four main types of organizational culture: power; role; task/achievement; and person/support. Deal and Kennedy (2009) also proposed four generic culture types as determined exclusively by one aspect of organizational behavior the degree and speed of feedback on whether decisions or strategies are successful. Harrison (2007) further analyzed cultural differences in dealing with external population and suggested that culture has four dimensions that influence project or strategies implementation: power distance; uncertainty avoidance; individualism/collectivism; and masculinity/femininity. Project leadership is widely considered to be an important aspect of project control. While the theory of managerial control in projects is well developed, there remains the need to further develop understanding of the leadership style that complements the sophistication of contemporary control techniques and methods (Barber, 2004). Regardless of the availability of software tools, project implementation remains dependent on a leadership style that is outcome focused and not problem focused. Although problems will always arise and deviations from plan will occur, the need for control requires a shift away from reactive behaviours, the firefighter style, where the focus is on tackling immediate problems.

2. Background of the


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