Leadership Assessment

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Leadership Assessment
Arletta Kelly
Profressor Swinney
BUS 302
December 2, 2012

Analyze the Leadership style(s) of a Senior Executive (CEO, CFO, COO, DIRECTOR, etc.) In your current of Previous Organization who made a Positive or Negative Impact on you.

Tm Am international is a construction company with many branches and offices all over the world. It deals in building construction and civil engineering ranging construction of roads, bridges to hydro electric power dams.

Leadership is a social process of influence where a person can employ the support and assistance of other people in achieving the objective of a common problem or task at hand. Leadership involves
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While some jobs are undertaken alone, most are performed in relationship or in combination with others. The jobs and assignments will determine who gets what role and to interact with who. These in turn lead to constant interactions creating a world of friendship and this is a powerful reward in human behavior as greater the interactions the greater the liking.

Each organization has a culture which is passed from the founders, past management, current leadership, history, events and crises. This creates rite like routines, regular rituals like prayers and other collective activities usually done collectively or in groups. The culture plays a big role in creating an identity for the company and its employees. While the culture is the deeply related nature of the organization that is a result of team work, formal and informal rules, customs beliefs has a profound impact on the workers and the shared perceptions and attitudes provides a motivation that can’t be removed easily (Mathur, & Kenyon, 1997). It is a way of providing a kind of motivation for the employees to continue working for the company.

Evaluate the performance of your selected leader based on his ethical conduct and effective communication to determine if this leader was successful in motivating and empowering you to improve on your work performance. Explain your answer.


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