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TASK 1: An assessment of the role of strategic marketing in an organization
Although most authors speak about some parts of Strategic Marketing, here is included a list of definitions of the term. Some authors appear in different years ( for example, Jain), It is understand that they have added new comments or redefined the term after the years. The table and the definitions have been ordered by year of publication.
Aramario & Lambin
“although marketing has basically an strategic conception of the selling activity, we use to distinguish between strategic marketing and operational marketing, depending on long term or short term objectives. Strategic marketing starts in thoughts about current situation of the
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A variety of criteria ranging from income level, to age, to geographic location can be used to determine these targets, depending on the product or services firm sells. Firms marketing strategy should be designed to address these markets first and foremost. The remainder of the market can also be addressed with a separate undifferentiated marketing strategy in an attempt to leave no stone unturned if firms desires. Firms target markets should be specific to your type of business and should be discerned through market research and experience.
Clear-cut goals are an essential part of marketing strategy development. Small-business goals should consist of distribution and financial mile-markers that will gauge the success or failure of firms marketing strategy, and will help the firm to know when they've hit on the right strategy for you. Goals and projections should be based on customer and market research, starting with past performance, and factoring in the changes that additional marketing efforts and promotions will bring. If firms marketing strategy fails to reach the goals they've set, alterations to the plan and additional investment may be required to right the ship.
Sometimes surveying firms own clients are the best way to get a firm handles on who their marketing targets should be. For example, if firm notices that 80 percent of their sales are made to members of the legal profession, firms number one target market should


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