International Management Portfolio Assessment

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International Management 375
Assessment 1 - Individual Portfolio

Portfolio questions: week 3

1. Discuss how the Internet and culture interact. Which most affects the other and how? Give some examples.
Internet has now become an integral thing from the viewpoint of organizations and society and it is now emerged as a technology which is creating effectiveness for these aspects from different angles (BEREND AUTOR WIERENGA, 2000). There is a considerable difference found among internet and culture and the interaction of both of these aspects are not easy, as there are certain countries and environment and cultures wherein the utilization of internet is not easy because of the backward thinking of the people living in this region.
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Damien McLoughlin, D.A.A. (2010) Strategic Market Management: Global Perspectives, New York: Pearson Group.
David W. Cravens, C.W.L.V.L.C. (2002) Strategic marketing management cases, Georgia: Saga.

Portfolio questions: week 4

1. Discuss the role of social media in global business communication.
Communication has now emerged as an integral and important aspect from the viewpoint of an organization and there are certain mediums which would have been taken into consideration by the entities in order to enhance the level of communication (Edd Applegate, 2007). Among these mediums, the name of Social media is one of them. Social Media is the most reliable and fastest medium of passing and conveying the information towards other individuals and it is known as the cheapest mode of communication even in the companies and that is the main reason why organizations of different countries are using social media networking for enhancing the business communication and increasing their net worth. Enhancing the communication is a major player from which satisfaction could be planted in the veins of the employees which is an effective sign for the companies in all over the world.

2. What is the relationship of language and culture? How is it that people from the same language may still miss-communicate?
Language is an important aspect from the viewpoint of individuals as this is the main medium to communicate with each other. Yes! There is a relationship between


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