Supporting Learning Activities and Assessment for Learning

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Assignment 4 – Supporting learning activities and assessment for learning


a. Explain how a learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities
As a teaching assistant it is important that I am actively involved in the planning stages. I need to know what the focus will be on for the term, this is done by having a discussion with the class teacher and also with other teachers and assistants that are also doing the same topic with the same aged children. By doing this we can share ideas and suggestions. During this meeting we would discuss the curriculum and the department’s goals for the future, the desired outcomes and the range of activities and styles that could be
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Some children can be easily distracted, so would work better in a smaller group with adult attention to keep them on task and encouragement to keep them focused. Groups with children of varying ability in subjects can encourage them to help and motivate each other, increasing their self confidence, some children would feel a great sense of achievement knowing they have helped another child. Staff working with children in small groups or in a whole class must make sure all interaction with each individual must be encouragement and praise, giving help when needed but not doing the work for child. Within schools the children are grouped together in several ways, e.g. in an ability group, nurture groups, SEN groups and in EAL groups. The children are also encouraged to join after school clubs e.g. football, beavers/ cubs, rainbows, brownies, ballet, rugby which can help them form relationships across the year groups. In my role as a teaching assistant I work to support small groups and on an individual basis. This could be inside the classroom or outdoors. I ensure that I always respond to children’s questions in a way that is understandable to them and helpful without doing the work for them. I always give encouragement, praise and support to ensure children are always motivated to listen and learn. I to get to know each individual child within my groups, where are they


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