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I never understood NFL free agency. It seems as though, it is a way for an athlete to make as much money as they possibly can over the length of their career. It is a way for teams to sign players whose contracts have expired and are free to play for whomever they choose. These athletes are catered to, flown everywhere just for the possibility of them signing with their team. But, sometimes, teams have to cut players that have helped them win over the years. As a football fan, in most cases, I enjoy free agency because this is a great chance for my team to collect players to improve their roster and give them a better chance to win.
Actually, being a football coach for a local rec league team in Norfolk, it makes me wonder why it is
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The Jets defeated the Colts in the game; in the aftermath of the upset, the AFL was deemed a worthy partner to the NFL as the two leagues merged.
Now that we know about our two teams, we must look at the way these teams are ran. It seems as though some teams have a better front office than others. Hence the question that has plagued people for years, when will management learn that football teams are not only about putting the best team together, but you also have to have the right people in the right places. Right places means not only on the field, but also in your front office, and lastly in an ownership position. In some cases, teams will fire coaches because they are not winning. Some teams have fired the general manager (GM), but what about the other people in the front office.
Can winning teams be built or are they made. What I would like to do is look at the both teams and see where the issues life. The first thing I wanted to look at was the needs for each team in the this upcoming season.
Is there a way that each team can become better through free agency?
What will


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