Dtlls Assignment 2

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Rationale: Planning and enabling learning

The main purpose of this assignment was to research negotiating with learners, inclusive learning, integrating functional skills and communication, and to concentrate on one particular area that we found most useful, which in consideration of my field of work was communication with learners and how this meets the needs of ESBD students as I work for an ESBD school combined with a PRU, and therefore work with interesting, challenging and also violent behaviour.
I feel that by looking into greater detail the concept of negotiating with learners will support me in understanding what helps the learner to adapt to their environment, work well with others, and ways in which I can enable
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Inclusive learning is extremely important again for meeting a student’s level of ability and ensures that the student will feel more competent.
Being flexible in learning approaches to suit a variety of students is crucial, as students will feel disengaged if they have no interest in your teaching methods, therefore knowing your student plays a significant role in being a good teacher and there are many different ways in which you can teach and in addressing all of these methods is a great way of not only meeting individual needs, but it also helps to keep your lessons interesting and varied.
Oral questioning is discussed in Teaching in further and adult education, oral questioning can be used, and is a fantastic tool to ask students about what they have learnt and how they feel that they have learnt, it also allows for guided discussion and open ended questioning, if the learner is going off subject (this again of course links to communication) and they have the opportunity to bring the student back.
Formative assessments can be completed on a student as they progress through their learning, completing a formative assessment will provide feedback on how a student has made progression if at all and it will also demonstrate, which are the best methods of learning, the learner can then look at this with a teacher and discuss their options maybe looking at alterations that you can make, it also allows for the student


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