Ptlls Assignment 1

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Assignment 1
Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning
1.1.3 Explain own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning
I see my role as a teacher of beauty therapy as facilitating my knowledge through learning and following the learning cycle. I usually start by trying to identify the learners needs by arranging and carrying out suitable assessments, carrying out interviews, identifying any barriers to learning and to help my learners achieve their chosen program, by using various teaching and learning approaches planning learning and taking individual needs into account. Although it is a lot more than that, it sometimes requires me to support my learners in other ways throughout their learning. It is to discuss
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Complete registers and carry out admin work as required, deal with behaviour issues as they arise.
4. Assessing
The role of a teacher is to assess the student’s progress continuously throughout the teaching sessions. To make sure each student gets involved and understands the lessons, they have to follow the awarding and external body requirements.
The responsibilities of the teacher are to assess work within an agreed time period and to give feedback to learners, keep records of individual achievement. Use a variety of assessment methods.
5. Quality Assurance and Evaluation
The role of a teacher is to evaluate how well the program was planned and delivered and then try to improve the teaching and learning process.
The teacher’s responsibilities are to attend meetings, encourage student’s development and progression, encourage on-going feedback from learners, and help learners achieve their full potential. Lease with others, internal and external verifiers and take part in organisational quality assurance processes.

As teachers we have to keep our learners motivated, as their keenness to learn will affect their learning and behaviour during sessions.
Motivation can be intrinsic (comes from inside) they can be more effective in bringing about learning as they focus on the actual learning itself rather than what results from it or the context in which it is set. Some intrinsic learners are motivated and


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