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Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management
Unit 3009

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Task 1. Understand the importance and principles of management communication. 1-2

Task 2. Understand how to use methods of communication to achieve the management objectives. 3-5 Task 3. Understand how to review the effectiveness of communication in the achievement of management objectives. 6-7 Bibliography. 8
1 - Feedback Sheet. 9-11
2 – Customer Satisfaction Survey. 12

3009 Understand the importance and principles of management communication – Task 1

1.1 Describe the role of communication in the management
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Used to communicate, gain information or obtain feedback, these are normally face to face to create the opportunity to talk with the entire team and prevent rumour. Within my department, team briefs pass on information from management meetings, provide updates on workload levels and inform team leaders of upcoming holidays or employee events. My team does not have briefs very often and I sometimes feel isolated as I am not aware of other people’s workload and coming challenges.
The below table shows the action and considerations required for a team brief. Arranging the Brief | Timing – Should the information be communicated in a timely manner or at the same time as another department’s brief? When there are shift patterns or part time workers you should consider days when most of the team are present.Size – What is the size of your team? According to The University of Manchester (2012), an ideal team brief would be between 4 – 15 people. Larger groups are easily distracted and have time wasting conversations so you should consider smaller groups.Venue – Pick a room that is big enough and has the required resources available – e.g. chairs or a smart screen.Publicity – The date of the briefing should be notified to the team far in advance to ensure high attendance. | The Agenda | Priorities and sequence – Consider what information must be communicated, what information should be passed on and what would be useful to pass on and then put this