Greg James

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Introduction 3

Question 1: How well had James managed his global teams? 3

Question 2: Compare and contrast how the various teams see as the cause of the crisis? In your view, who is responsible for the HS Holding Crisis? 4

Question 3: What role did open work environment and diversity play in the case? How? 7

Question 4: What should James do in the short and long term? 9

Conclusion 11

Reference List 12

Team Distribution of Tasks: 12


Mr Greg James is the global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc. He is facing two major issues which are the company’s crisis and the global teamwork. So Mr James seeks help from the vice president, Pam Lawry.

Firstly, the Sun
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Email 1

Mr Robert Chan should have specified which technical support group of which country has been affected by the shutdown of the system. It is because according to the organization chart for Greg James’ Team (Exhibit 3), there are three people in the technical department:

- Jacqueline Martin (France) Technical Support Manager
- Hans Joerg (USA) Technical Support Manager
- Kathryn Weeks (USA) Product Technical Support

It was to save time to highlight and solve the specific problem by affected countries to save time.

Another way was that those who are in charge of the technical support group should also send email to Mr Rahul Ashok about the problems they were facing. As the technical support group who is directly facing the system shutdown, Mr Martin, Mr Joerg and Ms Weeks should be the one informing Mr Rahul Ashok the details such as how the system shut down and how it really affected their operations. Though Mr Robert Chan aware of the problem, he is only the Sales Account Manager who may not know the exact details and not directly facing the problem.

Email 2

Mr Rahul Ashok was wasting time paging and left numerous voicemails to the US team because they were the affected group who is having the problem. He should ask his team to find ways to solve the system shutdown. But even so, Mr Rahul Ashok is not totally at fault as he does not know the full details of the overall problem directly from the technical support group. That is also the fault to the


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