Management Case Study

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MGF10101- Introduction to management, Semester 1, Assignment 2.

Case Study: Sir Charles Wilberforce Hospital.

1. Table of Contents.
2. Executive Summary
3. Problem identification Analysis
Inadequate communication channels
Unmotivated staff
Insufficient leadership abilities
Lack of teamwork

4. Statement of major problems
Inadequate communication channels
Unmotivated staff
Insufficient leadership abilities

5. Generations and evaluation of alternative solutions
Inadequate communication channels
Regular work meetings
Consultative management style
Unmotivated staff
Goal setting
Job design
Reward and recognition
Insufficient leadership abilities
Retrain Keith
Dismiss Keith
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As this is a workplace that depends on seeking ideas from others and support from each other, two way communications between Keith and his employees is necessary. This will allow employees to feel part of the decision making and feel they can share their ideas to improve the workplace. Following this Keith must then improve his leadership skills, putting his employees first and assisting them with any help and support they need in order to achieve a positive workplace. This may involve Keith revising the organisation’s culture, or distinguishing the strength and weakness of each employee so he knows how to assist each of them. Once Keith’s leadership abilities are improved, staff motivation must be identified and given, in order for employees to become productive within the kitchen and gain job satisfaction, increasing their abilities and allowing them to feel the want to work.

5. Generation and Evaluation of Alternative Solutions
Inadequate communication channels
Regular work meetings
Set regular meetings within the kitchen, in order to concerns amongst employees to be discussed as we as evaluation on how the business is going and openly discuss ways to improve or maintain it.
Allows for feedback
Employees can listen to each person’s idea and encourages discussion openly
Evaluate the earnings to the previous week and that time the previous year, allowing each person to suggest ways to


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