Socio-Cultural Impact of Tourism

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1. Introduction

Nowadays the level of awareness is quite high that tourism has a general impact on the destination. Many times it is talked about the economical impact which is mainly considered positive as it creates jobs in that area and brings people to the destination that spend money there etc. The environmental impact is a popular topic as well that is covered continuously in the news mainly by claiming the airplanes for their carbon emissions but also stating the destroying impact of mass tourism because of littering, over visitation of natural sights etc. Due to this many tourism dedicate their CSR programmes mainly to this issue as it is the best known.

However, tourism also has another impact, namely the socio-cultural. This
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Furthermore the tourists are interested in buying local products like carpentry, woodwork and livestock breeding so this can help preserve their cultural heritage and can foster the locals’ pride. However the split in society is very deep and not eliminated.

2.3 Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang used to be a peaceful place with many monasteries traditionally practicing their Buddhistic culture. Nowadays many western as well as Asian tourists visit this place behaving like being in a zoo. The monks practising their rituals are considered and watched as a performance. They are disrupted by taking pictures and disrespecting their privacy. The same happens to the people in the culture house of the city who carry out traditional arts like music or dancing in order to preserve and enjoy them. This facility is not meant for commercial presentation nor is it supposed to be a tourism attraction. Nevertheless the territory is entered without permission and every possibility is used to take pictures. The same happens to other places in that region, many have lost their spirit completely. Many old traditional wooden houses have been replaced or taken over by people that are only profit oriented. Even a monastery has already been closed because of this reason The new buildings have been build hosting businesses that the tourists demand because of their culture like Pizza


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