Conflict in the Workplace

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Not everyone is going to get along on a daily basis. There’s going to be conflicts in every environment especially in the workplace. Conflict is a typical phenomenon of people’s relationship in workplace. Conflict is a fact of life. Conflict is hard to define because every situation is different in every different workplace. Conflict is a job not easily handled, and it can be really destructive if not properly taken care of. The Webster’s Dictionary (2001) defines conflict as a battle; clash; or a disagreement of ideas, or interests. In order to resolve the conflict you must do whatever is best in the specific situation. Conflict is a problem that is tough for employees and managers to face. One of the most common specific sources of …show more content…

Though prejudices flair up from different people with different abilities working side by side does not make treating others unfair right. An issue with poor communication in the workplace is also a dilemma. The lack of communication causes conflict. Communication is the way of holding relationships together in a workplace. With good communication a workplace can function really well. However, with the lack of communication a team can fail and things can get ugly. With misunderstandings and disagreements because of bad communication there will be a big conflict in the workplace that can leave a lot of employees upset if not properly resolved. Employees often lack the information they need to do their jobs because of poor communication between the manager and the employee. “Poor communication is a result of the fact that the people with the information are still processing it themselves, and haven’t distanced themselves enough from the problem to discover that there are other people around them who will also be requiring that information.” (Anonymous Employee, 2011) Poor communication leads to arguments, errors and time wasted trying to accomplish a set goal that the team has made. Another cause stems from conflicts of need. Whenever workers compete for scarce resources, recognition, and power in the company's “pecking order”, conflict can occur.


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