Shell & Knowledge Management

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Shell & Knowledge Management

Background of Shell
Royal Dutch Shell plc, the world-wide group of petrochemical companies, was created in 1907. Shell has operations in over 90 countries which include America, United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland and so on. Also, it is the largest energy company in the world. Shell group not only operate oil and gas product sale but also conduct petrochemical industry such as exploration, refining, distribution, power generation and trading and so forth. Moreover, Shell Oil Company has developed its ability in renewable energy activities. One of its largest businesses is the subsidiary in America.
People may curious about that how Shell can be so successful. Shell’s success is not fortuitous; it has
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We can see Metis as linkipedia tools which make employees get to explicit knowledge and enable to use the knowledge to discuss. Metis comes from Greek goddess of wisdom and knowledge. This tool contains links to relevant information and other KM tool but it does not contain documents and reports. Metis also requires a subject expert to be the owner of each of the associated information pages and a quality check is therefore performed on any new links provide by Shell personnel. Users have access to all the relevant information and knowledge associated with their field of expertise including a list of experts because often, knowledge who, is as important as knowing now.
The Shell wiki was created in 2006. Current The Shell wiki is keeping growing with 50 and even more new wikis per day. The Shell wiki cyclopedia offers plentiful operational business knowledge which like the general knowledge on the Shell Company. An important concept is that “from everybody, for everybody”. The Shell wiki cyclopedia gain knowledge, information and materials from inside organization and use the knowledge to Shell Open University student body. Every individual and expert is the result for knowledge creation. Furthermore, the cyclopedia concept helps integrate with discipline and practice in Shell organization. Recently, Shell has another innovation to establish a “single sign-on” process resulted in a surge at the


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