Explain How the Role of an Accountant Has Changed over Time.

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Explain how the role of an accountant has changed over time. Discuss the role of the accountant in modern business.

I. Introduction.
Thesis statement: Many changes have happened in Accounting in the last few years. Most of which are differences in styles and also ways to implement this knowledge in modern business. II. What are an older-style accountant and modern accountant?

1. Overview of the situation in the past. 2. Previous information about an older- style accountant.

A. Modern business. 1. Information about what is considered a modern business.

III. An older-style accountant VS. Modern accountant.

A. Compare the older-style accountant with modern accountant.

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The difference lies in how the data was analyzed, by the manager. In these days, the numerical data are analyzes by accountants or finance department, which must be comprised of specialized accountants. However, it is important to note, that the practice in old style accounting the person who analyzed the data was the manager. In those days, the amount of data was not large because the environment in which companies work was not complex enough for a lot of information (Scapens, 2006).
The change in both international and domestic market is an important factor in how accounting influences within the business As a result, in the old days the markets were calm, which means that the relations between companies were few and not very significant. For this reason, decisions were making the manager's responsibility, which means that the accountants did not have the credibility and confidence from the manager to make decisions within the company. On the other hand, modern businesses have to face a shaken market, this means that relationships between companies contain more information and are more complicated to deal with. For this reason, the decisions passed to being taken by the manager to share on the responsibilities of making decisions with others, such as accountants, this phenomenon occurred because manager will notice that


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