Final Test

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CMIT 321: Ethical Hacking
Final Examination
This timed final exam will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions, and you will have four hours to complete it. Carefully note the information provided in the yellow box below.
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1. __________ is a method in which a sniffer is used to track down a conversation between two users. a. A man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack b. Session
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In __________-level hijacking, the attacker obtains the session IDs to get control of an existing session or to create a new, unauthorized session. a. network b. data link c. transport d. application
29. The contract agreement that describes the terms of service an outsourcer provides is known as a __________. a. service-level agreement (SLA) b. rule of engagement c. due contract d. project scope statement
30. __________ provides a complete view for monitoring and analyzing activity within USB host controllers, USB hubs, and USB devices. a. USB PC Lock b. USBlyzer c. Advanced USB Monitor d. Virus Chaser USB
31. Attackers can use a simple test to find out if an application is vulnerable to an OLE DB error. They can fill in the username and password fields with __________. a. a pound sign b. two dashes c. a single quotation mark d. double quotes
32. __________ reconstructs a device's Bluetooth PIN and link key from data sniffed during a pairing session. a. Blooover b. Hidattack c. BTCrack d. Cabir and Mabir
33. __________ is a tool that combines web crawling with the capability of a personal proxy. a. WebSleuth b. BlackWidow c. SiteScope d. WSDigger
34. __________ is a secure method of posting data to the database. a. URL b. SQL c. GET d. POST
35. __________ is a lightweight Knoppix version cut to 50 MB for a business-card-sized CD. a. Gnoppix b. GeeXboX c. Morphix d. Damn Small Linux
36. A hacker has


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