Self-Harm Research Paper

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HSER 281 Self-harm Research Proposal

Directed Studies: Methods Jaime Gresley-Jones Student# 111835

Faculty: Deb Wandler Submitted: February 23, 2010

I have chosen the issue of self-harm because I want to know more about the clients that suffer from it. People who suffer from mental health are a big issue for society and they need
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People who are diagnosed with mental illnesses may use self-harming behaviors. Self-harming behaviors can be seen in depression and anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorders, and personality disorders, among others. Suicide is an option that no one should ever feel they have to take, and I believe that with help, and understanding of the issue it would be possible to prevent people who feel they need to take their own lives. Self-harm might be accurately defined in the desired intent and the emotional strain that the person is attempting to cope with. Self-harm might be used as a coping mechanism to relieve intense feelings like anxiety, depression, stress, or feelings of self loathing. There is a correlation between emotional abuse and self-harm. It is commonly believed that people who self-harm are doing so to get attention, this is wrong. Most people who self-harm feel guilt and shame about their behaviors and go to great lengths to conceal their scars. Self-harming may be a cry for help in an indirect way. Some people who self-harm do so because it allows them to dissociate themselves from the feelings that are causing them pain. If self-harming is a cry for help then I think help should be made available. I feel that there needs to be more knowledge about self-harm and they ways we as helpers can help self-harmers to deal with their emotional pain in a less harmful way. If


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