Philosopy of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing
Nursing 324
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Philosophy of Nursing For centuries the development of nursing knowledge has been influenced by numerous theorists and their respective theories. These theories have influenced, and continue to influence, nursing education, practice and research. (Johnson & Webber, 2005) Although theorists have been the essence of sense-making in nursing, I believe all of us as nurses can, and should, be actively involved in the sense-making process. It is
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I also believe that particular connection is comprised of more than a basic conversation; it is an actual nurse-patient engagement whereby mutual trust and respect is attained. Developing such a relationship is advantageous for both the patient and the nurse. The patient has the assurance that he/she will be the recipient of safe, competent care. The nurse embraces a confidence that his/her ability to form a link between knowledge and practice in the provision of care will be evident in his/her care. He/she is also better able to understand the patient in respect to their health, their environment and who they are as a person. Very good reflection of own goal of nursing and the importance of nurse patient relationship Again add a reference such as Peplau on IPR
Metaparadigm of Nursing From the era of Florence Nightingale to modern day, the concepts of person, health and environment have been accepted globally as the basis for nursing. (Tourville & Ingalls, 2003) Tourville & Ingalls (2003) refer to these concepts as the roots of “The Living Tree”. In respect to the symbolic framework of Tourville & Ingalls (2003) I concur that just as roots must develop before branches, concepts must develop before theories. In my current practice as an obstetrical nurse, I view the person as a