End of Theme Essay C100

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There have been a myriad of topics covered during the Intermediate Level Education Common Core (C100) portion that are beneficial to Field Grade officers in the Army. These include classes ranging from symbology to organizational structure to individual development plans. After careful consideration of all the lessons introduced in the C100 module, the most important and beneficial class that officers should use during their time in the Army and long after they get out is C171 Effective Communication. Several areas will be addressed in this paper: the importance of effective communication, things to consider while preparing and
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It has been estimated that people begin formulating a response when they have heard less than 15 percent of what someone else has to say. This means that responses are often geared only to that small percentage, and not the totality of what a person is trying to communicate.4 This author has found that to be the case on numerous occasions – especially when the sender of the message is subordinate to the receiver. Field Grade officers must take into consideration the entire message before making an informed decision. Jumping to conclusions within the first couple of seconds of a message will result in the officer making a potentially uninformed decision which could result in… There are several tips or things officers can do to ensure they are communicating effectively. It begins with ensuring that the sender of the message organizes their thoughts in their minds before sharing them with others. Organization is important because it creates a pattern for listeners or readers, thereby allowing them to grasp the larger picture with relative ease. This allows the listener or reader to focus on the details of the message, without struggling to understand how you went from Point A to Point B. Proofreading your notes, speech, e-mails before delivering is