Bullying and Suicide Relation

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Bullying is any type of verbal, physical or psychological abuse upon someone which causes mental distress, social problems or physical pain. How common is it to hear this word from a 10 year old child in the course of a day at school? Bullying is a harmful practice that is pervasive from the elementary up to the university level of schooling (Morrison, 2002). Bullying behaviour is found throughout society, whether it be in at school, home, or even in the workplace (Elovainio, et al., 2003). Wherever the environment, the effects of such intimidation can lead to physical injury as well as mental and emotional stress (Hay, & Meldrum, 2010). Certain personality factors can make people more prone to being victimized by bullying. Being exposed …show more content…

These individuals are at a higher risk of committing suicide (Velting, 1999). In addition, people who are high on the neuroticism scale have more severe effects when depressed and tend to have pervasive negative thoughts that they have difficulty resolving. These individuals have also been linked with high suicide ideation (Velting, 1999). It has also been hypothesised that people low on openness, if going through a severe period of depression are at greater risk for committing suicide due to the fact that they are reluctant to communicate about their suicide ideation and get help (Duberstein et al., 2000). It can be deduced that low extroversion is associated with a higher likelihood of attempted suicide, with high neuroticism and low openness controlling how lethal the attempt is (Duberstein et al., 2000). The problem with making such connections may lie in that different personality traits may lead to suicidal ideation under different circumstances. This is one area of personality where further research needs to be done regarding various individual traits that play roles in different points of our lives. Extraverted persons, even in the midst of a crisis might not consider suicide because they enjoy a higher amount of social support as compared to introverted peers (Duberstein et al., 2000). So even during occasions where they are bullied, extraverted individuals can benefit from existing


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