Self Culture Society

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Asceticism has been revolutionizing since the fifteenth century and will continue to throughout the present day in the social order. The human mind is faced with demanding means of transformation sustained in our culture through material and ideological conditions. Jeremy Rifkin and Karl Polanyi focus their work on production and exchange in terms of social relations also known as material conditions. Theodore Roszak and Reinhard Bendix direct their literature on the values and actions which individuals adhere otherwise known as ideological conditions. Ideological and material conditions coincide in respect to one another. Human values and worth differentiate when challenged by unpredictable social surroundings. Each journalist captures …show more content…

The market economy can only exist in a market society as Polanyi puts it which defines the market as the only power in the economic sphere.
The Third Industrial Revolutions impacted the increasing rate of globalization. Material conditions enhanced with the rise of the national markets. New technologies and developments that have dominated the Western civilization have transformed the role of the government. The material factors of social relations in the political and economic sphere have undergoed a transfer in the production process, proceeding to an era of communications and technologies. Material conditions generated this new atmosphere where an individual potentially would suffer. “Where the Wasteland Ends” by Theodore Roszak points out how the customs of human fulfillment began and how the individual’s mindscape acts in respect to the world around us. Blake calls the Orthodox consciousness of urban-industrialism the “single vision”. The human mind has transformed because of the environment of the artificial urban-industrial culture and has corrupted the form of consciousness previously known to men. “Blake’s effort was to redesign the mindscape of an alienated culture, to return his society to spiritual realities that had long vanished from its consciousness” (Roszak 355). Our reality and our sensory experiences are achieved by our eyes and ears. The diminishing value personal awareness has deprived a person of their dreamscape, separating you from


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