Western Culture Has Brought More Negative Impacts on the Malaysian Youth.

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Western Culture Has Brought More Negative Impacts On The Malaysian Youth.

Western culture is a body of knowledge derived from reason that began in Ancient Greece. There and in the Roman civilization it developed until the start of the Middle Ages when it largely vanished from Europe. During the Middle Ages, Western culture resided, instead, in the Arab / Persian world to a modest degree. Today, Western culture has at least some presence in nearly all nations of the world. It does not currently exist, however, anywhere in a perfect and complete form. Wherever Western culture exists, it is at least partially mixed, and often largely mixed with non-Western culture. Western culture represents knowledge developed from the reason that has been
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However the guideline to determine whether western value can be accepted will always be in the hand of Muslim parents. They should always monitor their children so that the future of the young Muslims will not be in jeopardy either here or the afterlife.

We live in a society where there is a desolation of decency and sins are elevated to sovereignty. Malaysia has come to dwell in an Alice in Wonderland world of fantasy, of self-delusion. Everything has been turned upside down and inside out in our country particularly among our youth. We are fast degenerating into a decadent culture obsessed with selfishness and sin and destruction, and a major cause of this disaster is the overpowering influence of Western culture in Malaysia. Never before in history has mankind been so sex centered. Internet porn, late night TV, and even sex on prime time TV are just a few ways that society pushes pornography right into our homes. Recent laws and policies aimed at reducing those statistics by granting more sexual freedom have not diminished those statistics, in fact there has been an increase in suicide, STD's, alcoholism, and partner abuse.

Yet even with these devastating facts, modern culture thinks everybody has to have sex. People who don't have sex are viewed with pity or contempt. We wonder what is wrong with them. Psychiatrists have a field day with people who feel called to celibacy. Teenagers who want to wait until marriage are ridiculed by their peers. I


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