The Death of Tommy Grimes

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Analyse af The death of Tommy Grimes

We all have to go through it. We all learn from it, and it will always be in our memory. Growing up. Some just want to pass it and move on, where others try to stay in the phase as long as possible. Some people grows up when they leave home, some kids by becoming 18 and others a third or fourth reason.
The short story The Death of Tommy Grimes is about the main character Tommy Grimes and him becoming a man. The Story is written by R.J. Meaddough in 1962. The most important person we here about otherwise is Tommy’s father Tom Grimes also called Pa. The title first let us believe that Tommy is going to die, literally. And when you read the first pages, it is about hunting what makes it more likely
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Here we get a little hint that it is not normal hunting. That is because that he says he, and not it. He is referring to a person, not an animal.
The father takes Tommy out on a hunt for a young “buck”, only because that the mother is not home. We can see that in line 21 page 40 “He knew, too, that Pa wouldn’t have said a word if Ma was there - she was always saying he was too young for something or other - but she was visiting overnight up in Collierville”. Out of this we can say that the mother is very caring and does not think that Tommy should go out hunting with his father.
Because the father has these high expectations, he manipulates Tommy to think that the only thing that is important is hunting. In this way we can see that the father is very narrow-minded. His son has to do what he does; otherwise he will not accept it.
When Pa and Tommy are out in the woods for the young “buck”, Tommy thinks: “Soon! Soon! Soon they would be calling him Tom Grimes like his father. Soon he would be able to go into the Hut and drink liquor with the rest of the men. Soon the waiting would be over. Soon he would be grown. Soon. Soon. Soon. Soon! Soon! Soon!”. Here it is so clearly that he wants to have this hunting thing over with and go to the Hut. He does not want to hunt, but he wants to be a part of the men-group In the Hut.
While Tommy is thinking Pa is out in the woods forcing everything