Ideal Body Types in Hong Kong

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Topic: What are the ideal body types for men and women in Hong Kong society? In what ways are these body types perpetuated through mass media, technology, and medicine? According to Bartky (1999), is body modification a form of self-empowerment or self-punishment?

Human body is one of the elements used to assess the attractiveness of a person. Since the aesthetics theory varies in different countries and regions due to different history and cultural background, the description of general accepted aesthetically pleasing body will be different between communities. In this essay, the discussion will be focus on the ideal body types in Hong Kong society, how they are promoted and affect the society. Also, body modification
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They organized large promotion campaign and tasting events to convince customers that they can have a slimming body easily by ingesting these products every day.

Medical surgeries are another popular way in Hong Kong to achieve ideal body types. Plastic surgeon, Botox injection and other different types of medical techniques are used by Hong Kong citizens. To convince customers, doctors or biomedical scientists’ researches are quoted. Some companies also claim that they are authorized to do certain medical operations and customers are safe throughout the process.

Body Modification, self-empowerment or self-punishment?
According to Bartky (Bartky, 1999), the process of women being feminine seems painful. She mentioned that the feminine image is a result of patriarchal culture. Women must make themselves to meet the standard of beauty in men’s eyes. They are judged by a patriarchal other and they must do their best to be feminine. However, the effort they put in to provide a beautiful or sexy body only give them attention and some admiration. Bartky stated that being feminine cannot help the women to be respected by the society and increase their social power. Women are still being treated as “object and prey” for men. Men are still the owner and director of the society. Women are restricted to participate in construction of the society and their only goal is to be feminine and being the


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