palace walk

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Patriarchy in simple terms can be defined as a system or government in which men hold the power and status, in comparison to women who are largely excluded. Throughout this assignment, particular attention will be placed upon issues surrounding patriarchal culture and the effects of the British colonial rule. Furthermore, the manners in which patriarchy manifests itself in regards to human relationships and behaviour will also be discussed, as well as the effect of power relations on the ability of people to self-actualise. Examples of two of the characters from within the book ‘Palace Walk’ will be used, in order to assist our understanding further on situations which relate to patriarchy. Other points which will be taken into …show more content…

The more common responses to the protectorate of the British being in place are the formation of revolutionary organisations which claim to protect the identity of Islam. They are well known for their use of violence to educate the public in their beliefs. The Muslim Brotherhood began life as a religious organisation, educating those who could not read and write, and teaching Islam. During the time of British rule the Muslim Brotherhood, founded by Hassan-al-Banna saw an increase in interest in its beliefs, as they began to oppose British rule. Egyptian nationalists have often blamed the Muslim brotherhood for violence during this era, and have often held them responsible for atrocities which took part. The Muslim Brotherhood are responsible for the organisation of Hamas, an Islamic movement created as a means for resistance to British and Western control of the East. Further groups have been founded besides the Nationalists however these have had varying degrees of effect, and have resulted in terrorism being used in the name of Islam and the Arab nations.

Western cultures have spread across the Middle East along with western economic and political control. By introducing these Western ideas has only lead to the growth of Arab nationalism. Their powerful


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