Self Concept Essay

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Self Concept Essay

There is a lot of things that I have learned about myself in the past few weeks of this course. I have learned many things about myself that I would have never known if it was not for this course. I have learned about my; self concept, attitudes and feelings. I have also learned about social influence, group dynamics and relationships. I learned about myself and how to describe the way that I am and the way that I think.

I have learned that I am a creative and compassionate. I am a creative person because I enjoy activities that allow m to put things together. I like to let my imagination run and make things look more exciting I also think that I am a very good listener which makes me a very compassionate person. I
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When I returned to my unit I did not wear my wings. I caught wind of some people who were talking behind my back, saying I was a conceded jerk, and by not wearing my wings I was metaphorically slapping my peers in the face, like I was to good to wear the wings that they all coveted. To me though I chose not to wear them, because I want people to judge me by the things I’m doing now, and not by the things I’ve accomplished in the past.
I really enjoy helping people. I don’t go out of my way to look for people who need help, but if I come across someone who needs help and it is within my own means I will. I think other people might portray it as me trying to be social and make friends, which actually goes against my personality. For example, on my way to school a few weeks ago I saw a broke down car and a guy walking in the rain on the side of the freeway. I knew the next closest exit was a few miles so I stopped and offered the guy a ride to the nearest gas station. It wasn’t much but I felt good that I was able to help, and he was thankful that he didn’t have to walk. I believe what goes around comes around, and when I see someone who needs help I imagine myself in the same situation, and I would want someone to help me, because I have had experiences where I was in obvious need help, and had people who just stared at me or passed by. When you help someone, or someone helps you, it makes both parties have a


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