Gender and Postmodern

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Mapping the Modern
“An argumentative essay on ‘Gender’ through comparison and contrast of the views of authorities who are postmodern practitioners”

Defining postmodernism as well as gender is an extremely difficult task if not impossible. This essay is an argument on the two postmodernist’s concept on ‘Gender’. This essay argues posing foucauldian postmodernism of Judith Butler against Baudrillardean post modernism of Arthur and Marilouse Kroker with analysis on both their ideas on gender including sex and sexuality. This essay also argues that these two approaches are fully flawed for a number of important reasons. This essay offered an argument on the ideas of two of the most prominent postmodernists in the field of
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Butlers idea of heterosexual power stemming from an ideologically neutral idea of gender, sex as well as sexuality cannot be accepted. Postmodern theory opposes Butler’s essentialism. Eagleton (1996) states that Butler’s anti- foundationalism renders heterosexuality into a fictive construct which is an ideological fantasy and not a position of theory which rests on solid argument. Butler’s focus is on superficial cultural gender stereotypes which are subject to analysis ad she also proceeds into arguing that gendered behaviors are the results of repetition of the cultural norms instituted by heterosexuality are both illogical and unjustified. The problem with the argument on the imitating gender of Butler is that imitation does not imply that imitated is original as well as natural, focuses on a superficial element of female and reflects mundane impersonations undermining its power through its exposure’s virtue (Norris, 2010). Female appearances cannot be normative for female gender themselves. Ultimately, it can be analyzed that Butler undermines heterosexuality by making it aggressive intrinsically to homosexuality. Butler ignores scientific research, feminist arguments which are traditional ad realities of the experiences lived. Butlers


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