Preparing for a Career in Hr

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Preparing for a career in HR

Intro to Human Resources Management

Preparing for a career in HR

Human resources or HR is a demanding career that requires specialized training. Human Resources can be very high in its growth potential but the growth prospect, just like any other profession, depends on the ability of the person concerned. HR professionals manage a business’ employees, job candidates and work rules. They also conduct interviews, hire employees, fire employees, and manage employee’s communications. Settling employee disputes, creating benefits programs, and dealing with legal issues such as sexual harassment and occupational safety are among the common responsibilities for an HR professional. Human Resources do not
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This is a general job position and the employee can specialize in a specified HR area. Most people spend three to four years at this level (HR Career Path). Next, as a Human Resources Specialist, you can specialize in hiring or training new employees, managing compensation and benefits, handling employee concerns and disputes, or improving company policies. All of which depends on the size and nature of the company. In larger organizations, the Human Resources Generalist, and the Human Resources Manager have clearly defined, separated roles in HR management with progressively more authority and responsibility in the hands of the manager. In a small company though, a Human Resources Generalist handles all aspects of personnel management, including attracting, and retaining employees. They must have a comprehensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the Human Resources field. Then at the top of a large organization’s HR department is the director of human resources, or HR manager, responsible for developing and implementing personnel decisions throughout the company.
As many professionals may anticipate, large organizations provide the greatest opportunities for Human Resources Management career growth. Most senior level HR professionals can take one of two paths to advance in the


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