Naivete or Boldness?

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Case analysis: write up Naiveté v. Boldness

• Who are the relevant stakeholders and what is at stake for each of them?
Foley: She believed that the advice of consultant was not correct. She did not want CEO to sale the hospital. First, she was just promoted to be Senior Vice President and COO. She was quite satisfied with this job because she had more responsibility for the hospital and more chance to complete her MAB. What is more, she had a strong mentor, CEO. Right now, CEO was counting on her support. If she disagreed with him, he might lose confidence on her. So she might lose career opportunities in the future. In the meanwhile, she thought such disagreement means that she betrayed CEO and let him down. She might also leave the
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• What arguments can the protagonist use to influence those stakeholders who may disagree with him/her?
First of all, she could doubt consultant’s motivation of the proposal to sale the hospital. Where did those numbers come from, from their own financial reports or just consultant’s own manipulating ones? She could ask consultant to provide the resource of their numbers in order to check them whether they were true or not. Since CEO lost confidence on their CFO, he needs to hire others to check their own financial reports and to analyze the risk of the sale of the hospital rather than blindingly believe consultant’s words. There is no guarantee that once the hospital is sold, the financial problems can be solved. It is highly possible that in order to earn income from the proposal, consultant just manipulated the numbers to allure CEO.

What is more, Foley would express her concern about the community. Since CEO and she are both in the senior position in the hospital, they should bear the responsibility. There are just two local health providers. If their hospital was sold finally, consumers would be hurt. Without competition, the only local health provider could do anything they want. They might raise the price since no one would compete with them. Their health service might be also affected because many consumers have to go to this only local one left in this area. Besides,