Self Assessment Assignment

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Winter Survival Excersize

Bianka Solovan
David Chalmers
MHR 405 Sec. 091
12 November 2014 Throughout the group article exercise really did showcase who's personalities were strong and who's personalities were not. Having a strong personality means that you are willing to listen to other people's opinions but will debate on it by logical thinking of how you came across your answer rather than people with not so strong personalities meaning they agree with the group decisions. Through my personality, it will really show how I came across my conclusions, how the group came across their conclusions and how the group is influenced by the decisions made through the online assessments. Throughout each of the personality
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From listening to the article, I began to think logically of what is needed in this moment at this time. I was determined that I and the others did survive the night to start. At 11:52 P.M. in mid January of temperatures reaching -25° during the day at -40° at night meant that there is not much to do but survive the night for starters. In this particular moment, the list in order which I thought is important is: shirt and pants, cigarette lighter ( no fluid), whiskey, loaded 45 pistol, newspaper, hand axe, heavy duty canvas, compass, can of shortening, family size chocolate bar, ball of steel and air map (map of the area - made of plastic). Through this process my thoughts were; since there temperatures are reaching a freezing point where our bodies cannot survive without some heat we need to get another piece of clothing on and a fire started. With a cigarette lighter (no fluid) there is still a spark that could potentially happen which means a fire can start. Whiskey is in high concentrate of alcohol which means it is very flammable, and a loaded 45 pistol would be used for protection. It did mention in the article that there is dead wood and twigs which would be easy to light and the newspaper to get the fire started. A hand axe was put next because of the fact that if there are more branches that we needed, they would be easily attained. In addition, shelter from the wind and cold weather would be very useful in keep our body temperature up. The canvas


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